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We take patients by appointment only now. Please check the mandated B.C Quarantine Regulations for 14 days before booking an appointment. Self-check before you book an appointment if you are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms. 


Stay healthy!


New clients and returning clients who have not received an email update, please email or call the clinic.


In China, Chinese herbs have been used for 91.3% of Covid-19 patients for treatments and recovery. We provide similar herbs for people who would like to boost their immunity.


Here is some immune boasting tea that you can make for yourself and the whole family. Drink every morning to warm your digestive system and boost Your immunity.


Fresh ginger: 30g, lemon 15g, (about one thick piece), honey 15 g.( 1/2-1 tbsp)- for one person dose


Use 500ml water with ginger bring to boil and keep simmering for 3 mins, add lemon for another 1-2 minutes, let the tea cool down to 45 degrees then mix with honey, drink it warm before breakfast. - one person dosage.

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