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Our practitioners are among the most experienced in Canada (Read the following):


Gang Pan, Dr. TCM (China), & Fiona Zeng, Dr. TCM (China)

Gang Pan, Dr. TCM (China), R.AC RTCMP


Gang Pan has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 26 years. He has mastered every area of traditional Chinese Medicine with a special focus on sports injury, pain control, cancer recovery, and male and female fertility.


Gang graduated from the Hei Long Jiang Medical University of TCM (China) in 1993. He spent the following 7 years working and doing research in the Provincial hospital.  


Gang immigrated to Canada in 2000 to start his own practice in Victoria. He also worked as an instructor and clinical supervisor at two acupuncture schools in Victoria. Dr. Pan would love to share his profession and passion for health with you.


Fiona Zeng, Dr. TCM (China), R.AC RTCMP


Fiona Zeng received her Dr.TCM (Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine) degree in Hei long Jiang Medical University of TCM (China) in 1994. After graduating she worked in the School's hospital as a TCM physician and trained foreign acupuncturists. 


Fiona moved to Victoria in 2000. She began teaching in 3 acupuncture colleges and in 2003 was appointed Academic Dean of Canadian College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Victoria. 


Patients speak highly of Fiona's caring nature, and have travelled from US and Europe to receive treatment from her. Fiona has a special interest in women’s health, including menopause and fertility issues. She is also passionate about facial beauty acupuncture.

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